Technology – World of Content
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The World of Content platform is a cloud-based software solution designed
to share information with any retailer, e-tailer or marketplace in the world.

Data Import Capabilities

The World of Content platform has been designed to make an import of product content as simple as possible.

  • Manual Import: your product information can be entered and changed manually at any time;
  • Custom Made Import Module: within the platform we develop custom made import modules, so that content can be imported from any of your systems instantly into World of Content. A custom made import will greatly speed up your time to market.
  • CSV Import
  • XML Import
  • JSON Import
  • API Connection

A.I. Capabilities

By using Artificial Intelligence, we can reduce manual work, speed up time-to-market and grow revenue. World of Content uses A.I. for Automated Text Generation, Product Category Mappings and Image Selection. Through A.I. we are currently able to import 100,000 products in less than 1 second.

Data Management Capabilities

The World of Content platform is designed to manage all your digital assets in one location. Data, images and videos can be imported, managed and exported efficiently. The platform enables brands to design retailer specific content, categorize their product information to better reach the target audience and to compile product stories.

Data Analytics

One of the USPs of World of Content is our extensive Data Analytics functionality. We offer brands a dashboard to track whether actions are required to present the products in a better way. We provide detailed management information that helps brands to improve the quality and completeness level of their product information.

Algortihm Capabilities

The effect of actions taken based on Data Analytics are measured by use of a sophisticated algorithm. The algorithm provides brands with detailed figures on findability, conversion rates and the performance of products compared to competitors. The algorithm leads to valuable strategic information per retail channel.