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Content syndication with any retailer

Content syndication
with any retailer
in the world

The World of Content platform adapts to all the demands of your retailers. We guarantee brands to deliver product content to any retailer in the world in any format.

Share Unique
Content per Retailer

We developed a user-friendly platform to support brands with a flexible content management solution. This enables brands to design and share exclusive content per retailer. The World of Content platform provides feedback about the completeness and quality level of your product information.

Unique content per retailer

Customer segmentation


By use of World of Content brands can create specific content for all of their target groups. Show preselected content to your customers based on age, gender, buying behavior, favorite sports team, etc.

Create Content
on Demand

Share relevant dynamic content at any time. As a brand, you are in full control over the way you present your products to your clients. Want to connect an image or video to text? Or embed a Youtube tutorial and connect this to an Instagram post? You decide what you show your customer and World of Content shares it with your retail partners.

Content on demand

Analytics algorithm

Analytics Algorithm

World of Content uses a sophisticated algorithm that shows brands what consumers are looking for. We know your conversion rate on a specific search query, how you perform compared to your competitors and what you can do to optimize your revenue per retailer.