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Send optimized product content to every Amazon Marketplace in the world

Being present on Amazon significantly boosts sales and increases brand awareness on a global scale. World of Content has a global partnership with Amazon, allowing you to maximize the potential of your online growth. Read on how!

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Amazon and World of Content

Push your content to Amazon within a few clicks!

Retailers and Suppliers who wish to sell their brands via Amazon can make use of our platform to transfer and translate necessary data and assets. World of Content streamlines this process by handling the login, the global content delivery to Amazon, and the communication of all desired products and data.

Amazon and World of Content

A+ Content Builder

Product experience doesn’t stop with sharing images and text. Our platform has an A+ content builder integrated, allowing you to automatically build a fully styled design and share it with Amazon.

A+ Content is perfectly deployable for:

- Grabbing serious attention of the website visitor
- Creating in-depth product stories
- Showing specific product comparisons
- Increasing sales through a brand store

A+ Content Builder

We have what you need!

  • Any product, language or marketplace

    Sellers on Amazon often lose control because Amazon works with 1000+ data models. We guarantee we can handle any data model, regardless of industry of product category.

    Any product, language or marketplace
  • No more overwritten ASIN’s

    Our API is configured per country, which allows you to send out specific product content per language/country. Overwritten content to the displeasure of your team members will never happen again.

    No more overwritten ASIN’s
  • Complete control with partial updates

    Until now, suppliers cannot influence the timely implementation of changes that have been made. Through our API, partial updates are possible, allowing you to push just a title or an image to Amazon.

    Complete control with partial updates

Take direct advantage!

Using our platform for the syndication of your product content to Amazon Marketplaces comes with multiple benefits:

Advanced collaboration capabilities

Always on the same wavelength with your whole team

Advanced collaboration capabilities

Increased market share

Being present on Amazon can increase your sales up to 40%

Increased market share

Global brand consistency

Create uniform product master data for your brand

Global brand consistency

More features

Media Converter

50+ languages

Advanced Filtering

Bulk Actions

PIM connectors



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