Share your content with any retailer

We ensure that your content is quickly and automatically shared with any partner. You decide when your retailers, e-tailers, wholesalers, drugstores or market places receive your optimized content. We make sure that your products are online in no time.

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Tailor-made content for every channel

Each channel has its own rules of the game. We take these rules into account when sharing your content. Since we deliver everything tailor-made, your content is processed super fast.


Flexible Mapping Tool

We use mappings to determine which content you want to send to which channel. The mappings are flexible and can be adapted to your wishes. This way we ensure that we always send the correct information.

Flexible Mapping Tool

Media Converter

Images and videos are automatically converted when sharing your content. We will convert the file name, file type, size, DPI and add an image frame where needed.

Media Converter

We support every format

Retailers request your content via an API connection, Excel file, PDF, DOCX file and countless other connections and file types. We support all of these options in order to make sure that we can deliver your content to any channel.

Support for every format

Export features that make the difference

We've built even more features to make content sharing as easy as possible.

File name as desired by the retailer

The naming of your files is automatically adjusted to the standard of the retailer.

Desired by the Retailer

Add messages

When sharing your content, you can add a personal message for the recipient.

Add messages

Advanced filters

Quickly and easily select the products you want to export using advanced filters.

Advanced filters

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Bulk Actions


50+ languages

Media Converter

300+ Channels


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