Personalized content for every channel

We offer numerous tools to tailor your product content to the interests of your customer. We do this by making content personal and dynamic. Add unique content per channel or create segments based on age, gender, favorite sports club or time of year.

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From text and images to A + content

Product experience doesn't stop with sharing images and text. We make it possible to build a fully styled design and share it with your key retailers. We call this our Product Stories.

A+ content

Digital Asset Management

Store, organize and share all your images and videos. This tool also allows you to convert and download files in any format.

Data Asset Management

Advanced Search Filters

Easily search for products and edit the content directly inline.

Advanced Seach Filters

Use Bulk Actions to enrich content

With Bulk Actions, you can update the content for an unlimited number of products at once. In addition, creating unique content per channel becomes super easy. Example: To encourage repeat purchases, you simply create a new content variant tailored to consumers who previously bought your products.

Bulk Actions

Data models tailored to your needs.

  • Design your own data model

    For example, start with all GDSN fields and add all relevant commercial fields for Western Europe in a click.

  • Validation rules per retailer channel

    We use validation rules to assess the quality of your content. The system will automatically notify you when the quality can be improved.

    Validation rules
  • Easily enrich your data with clear instructions

    Is there a maximum number of characters for this field? How should the product title be structured? Instructions per field will help you to select the right content per retailer.


Create personalized content

Design unique content per retailer and create segments within your target audience in 50+ different languages.

Per retailer

Design and share unique content per retailer.


Per segment

Build new variants based on the segments within your target audience.


Per language

Expand your content with an unlimited number of languages.


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PIM connectors

300+ Channels

Advanced Filtering

50+ languages


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