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World of Content offers a comprehensive e-commerce solution for the Belgian market

Sven van de Voorde
Sven van de Voorde


World of Content taking over Belgium

The last few years, World of Content, with its complementary PXM platform and Data Management Service, has been a progressive solution within the field of e-commerce. Accordingly, most of the major players (as well as smaller ones) within FMCG, Health & Beauty and Pharmaceuticals have already joined World of Content. Due to a number of new developments within the industry, World of Content is relaunching their solution in the Belgian market. This article goes in-depth about these developments, and how both suppliers as retailers in Belgium can benefit from it.

World of Content - Syndication to any retailer

Distributing product content to ‘the big three’

The core service of World of Content is centered around content syndication, which is facilitated through the Product Experience Management (PXM) platform. With just a few clicks in this platform, suppliers can import, enrich and share all their product information with any retailer of their choice. World of Content serves the three largest retailers in Belgium: Carrefour, Colruyt and Delhaize. Also affiliated with World of Content's PXM platform are AS Watson (Kruidvat), Albert Heijn, Hubo, Medipim, Viata, Farmaline, Metro Group,, and many more. Never again worry about all the different rules from all the different retailers; World of Content ensures your content is syndicated exactly according to the needs and wishes of the retailers.

Traditionally, it has not been unusual for retailers to work within their own internal systems and processes for collecting and publishing their suppliers' product content. This method of working arose in this way as there were simply too few parties offering solutions which covered all requirements. But as e-commerce has doubled in recent years, the need for such a party has greatly increased. Therefore, World of Content is pleased to offer an all-in-one solution for both retailer and supplier. This ensures that all e-commerce operations are streamlined and that the online product presentation is always optimized on any channel. The number of users, products and categories is unlimited; companies only pay a fixed amount per channel per year.

World of Content - Syndication to marketplaces

In addition to retailers, World of Content also supports online marketplaces such as, Coolblue and Amazon Belgium. Presence on platforms like these significantly increases your online authority and generates almost twice as much traffic for your products. World of Content has a unique global partnership with Amazon and supports all datamodels, allowing brand manufacturers to publish all their products on Amazon within hours.

  • World of Content guarantees they can handle any datamodel, regardless of industry or product.
  • The API connection between World of Content and Amazon is extremely fast. One workspace in World of Content is enough to get your content live on Amazon within a few hours.
  • Through the API partial updates are possible, allowing you to push just a title to Amazon, or add only a few images. This gives you complete control of your products and environments.

Save time through automated processes: the ‘Article Creation Form’ filled in automatically

As a supplier, when launching a new product to the market or publishing a product on a retailer's website, there are a number of rules you must comply with. One example is the completion of the so-called ‘Article Creation Form’. Many suppliers and retailers are familiar with this and are aware that this is a very time-consuming process. One of the advantages of World of Content is that this process is fully automated through innovative technologies. Suppliers simply upload their (new) products into the World of Content platform, after which the Article Creation Form is automatically filled out. Besides the fact that this thus saves a lot of time, it also ensures that the entire process is less prone to error. All in all, this means that as a supplier you get your products to market faster - and on any retailer website of your choice.

World of Content - Live connection with My Product Manager

To ensure product data from suppliers and retailers meets all regulatory requirements, World of Content offers a Data Management Service in order to automatically capture product data and make it available in ‘My Product Manager’. MPM is the official GS1 data pool in Belgium and is one of the many data pools World of Content can synchronize product data to. World of Content supports the complete template from MPM, which means data is shared directly from World of Content through MPM to all retailers in Belgium.

World of Content guarantees all connected parties the best data quality. This is achieved with our internal data team filled with GDSN specialists. In addition to capturing data, it is also checked for completeness and correctness, ensuring that you as a brand manufacturer are always provided with the best and most up-to-date data. Only then is it synchronized with every data pool in the world.

Exclusive partnership with GS1

World of Content has a unique partnership with GS1 for the capture of data. This is done with advanced technologies: World of Content has built the first GS1 certified AI data certification tool in the world. Suppliers can upload their product labels to World of Content's platform with just a few clicks, after which all data is automatically captured and made available in GS1 within 48 hours.

World of Content - Unique partnership with GS1

Watch the video below to see a snippet of the GS1 Belgilux FORUM 2022. In this clip, Jan Somers, CEO of GS1 Belgilux announces their unique partnership with World of Content: ‘One of the best performing platforms in the market’.

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