World of Content and Plein team up for the best online content

Sven van de Voorde
Sven van de Voorde


Collaboration World of Content and Plein

Plein has chosen World of Content as its online partner. For this partnership, an import and export connection will be made to exchange content automatically. The aim is to achieve an optimized online customer experience.

Plein has chosen to use the World of Content platform to receive faster and more complete product information. The platform helps to import, enrich and ultimately export product information quickly and easily. In addition, product information can be set up uniquely for Plein's e-commerce channel. As a result, the collaboration affects both optimizing online content and increasing online conversion and retention for the online drugstore.

“We choose World of content because we want to publish our product content faster and more comprehensively. The quality of our product data is an important part of the customer experience and we can make this even better with this software!” says Jeroen Wiersma, conversion manager at Plein.

At World of Content we are happy to help make the customer experience even better.