World of Content announces partnership with Pietercil to streamline product content publishing process

Sven van de Voorde
Sven van de Voorde


World of Content and Pietercil

The strategic partnership between World of Content and Pietercil creates a more efficient content flow between Pietercil's member brands and online retailers. This optimized process assures customers of a customer journey with complete, accurate and consistent product information.

Pietercil, distributor of FMCG products, is going to optimize its online product information through World of Content's PXM (Product Experience Management) platform. Pietercil can easily import all available product information through this platform, after which incomplete fields can be enriched without problems. By being able to do 'bulk edits', little time is taken up for this process. In addition, it becomes clear at a glance which products are incomplete and therefore require more attention.

When the product data is completed, World of Content ensures that all these products are shared with any selected retailer in the world. This is made possible by the fact that World of Content has already connected hundreds of online channels, making hassle-free content syndication possible. This means that Pietercil's products are online in no time with A+ content. Even for New Product Development processes, this means a significantly shorter TTM (time-to-market), enabling Pietercil to generate additional revenue faster.

Willem Swinkels, Account Manager at World of Content: "Pietercil has a lot of great brands which we are happy to add to our platform. Together we're going to make sure that on all desired channels the product content looks perfect!"

About Pietercil

Pietercil Group is on the one hand a leading European broker with activities in Benelux & France and on the other hand, with Beliès, specialist in the fresh Mediterranean products. Annually, the group generates a group turnover of 300 million euros. Pietercil Brokerage is a leading distributor focused on FMCG with a full service approach for over 90 brands in 4 different countries. Our ambition is to anchor brands locally and help penetrate new markets. Our 180 experienced experts are ready every day to put your brand on the map locally.

About World of Content

World of Content is driven by innovation. When we started, we powered the e-commerce industry by introducing smart content management services that were easier, faster and more flexible than what the conventional providers could deliver. Now, not too long later, World of Content is working at full speed on innovative services that bring us closer to the dot on the horizon; deliver the perfect content automatically and worldwide, tailored to the individual.

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