Remia has opted for a collaboration with World of Content

Stefan van Vugt
Stefan van Vugt


Remia has opted for a collaboration with World of Content. The parties want to further optimize the online presentation of Remia's products in the Dutch market.

"" Due to the specific and varying guidelines that apply per retailer, it is very difficult for us to guarantee the quality of product information. In addition to legal information, it is of course important to us that marketing information and product images are displayed uniformly everywhere.

We need one user-friendly platform. World of Content is this platform for us, where all data can be managed and exported to the retailer in accordance with the desired specifications. In this way we can better guarantee data quality, said Daniëlle Saan, Senior Brand & Product Manager Retail. ""

World of Content is proud to be able to help Remia to increase online success.

About Remia

As a leading producer of sauces and fats, Remia has been an important player in the food industry for 95 years. Remia is a dynamic family business, where more than 400 employees work on the best products every day. A wide range of sauces, margarines and fats have been produced in Den Dolder for many years. In the sauce heart of the Netherlands, products are made that are used daily by consumers, food service providers and industrial customers in the Netherlands and in the rest of the world.

About World of Content

World of Content was founded with the aim of increasing online conversion and retention by making product information more dynamic and personal. WoC provides services to both brand manufacturers and retailers. The World of Content platform makes it possible to show consumers personal product information based on gender, age or place of residence. In addition, it is possible to show new information when someone has previously purchased a product. World of Content now represents more than 1000 brands on the digital product board.