Purasana chooses World of Content as its PXM partner and goes for automated product content syndication

Sven van de Voorde
Sven van de Voorde


World of Content and Purasana

World of Content and Purasana have started a collaboration, with the common goal of optimizing the online presentation of all products. This optimization is facilitated through World of Content's Product Experience Management (PXM) platform.

More than a PXM solution

The first step in the process is to reconstruct the internal product data. The platform of World of Content offers Purasana the possibility to collect and manage all product information. In this way, Purasana no longer has to work with separate, different Excel sheets. As a result, the entire team at Purasana is assured that they are always working with the most up-to-date data.

After the import, Purasana will use the platform to create and publish A+ content within the French, German and Dutch markets. World of Content makes this very easy for the platform users by offering the platform in different languages. In this way 'product stories' can be developed per market/language so that the target group is provided with only relevant and useful product information throughout the entire customer journey. This way Purasana is not only engaged in selling, but also in informing its customers in the right way.

Improved communication

Before partnering with World of Content, Purasana communicated with all the different retailers via email. This was a very time-consuming process, which often meant that it took a lot of effort to get all the content online in the right way on the websites of these retailers. Because communication is housed in the platform of World of Content, all parties involved are always on the same page.

Communication within the platform

"Together with Purasana we kicked off the collaboration in a successful way. Our project team is now and in the future ready to publish the optimized product content of Purasana within multiple markets", said Willem Swinkels, Account Manager at World of Content.

About Purasana

Purasana planted a seed on Belgian soil a decade ago that has since germinated into a trendsetter in the health and food world. Purasana has a longstanding passion and expertise for natural and organic products with the aim of bringing high-quality, safe and effective products to the market. With these, Purasana aims to make people healthier and more energetic, improve their overall well-being and create a sustainable way of life through healthy eating patterns.

Moreover, Purasana's refined formulations, pure, vegan and kosher ingredients and allergen-free products are certified by qualified bodies, including the European organic label Organic Production Method Certificate, the Fairtrade label and Vegan Trademark Certificate. With this, the Belgian brand enters the international stage with its philosophy on healthy food, with attention to the planet, now and in the future. From breakfast to bedtime and everything in between, Purasana makes your life healthier, greener and cleaner.

About World of Content

World of Content was founded with the goal of increasing online conversion and retention by making product information more dynamic and personalized. World of Content provides services to both brand manufacturers and retailers. World of Content's platform makes it possible to show consumers personalized product information based on gender, age or location. In addition, it is possible to show new information when someone has previously purchased a product. World of Content now represents over 1500 brands in the digital product space.

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