Princes Foods and World of Content are starting a collaboration

Stefan van Vugt
Stefan van Vugt


Princes Foods

Princes Foods has made its content available through the World of Content platform. The goal is to jointly further improve the E-Commerce presentation and conversion. The collaboration started a few months ago and both parties are happy with the first results.

"We ran into the problem that our product information was not always complete or even missing from the website of our retailers. Since our collaboration with World of Content, this has disappeared. We have enriched our content and made it more relevant and World of Content ensured that this was correctly shared with our customers. "

World of Content is proud to help market leader Princes Foods to increase online success.

About Princes Foods

Before our delicious canned fish is on your plate, we are working hard at production locations all over the world. We even have our own tuna processing plant in Mauritius. Quality, integrity and sustainability are of paramount importance. We are also continuously researching sustainable fishing, sampling and new developments to continue to ensure these standards and we have been proudly working at Princes since 1880 towards the brand that we are today. Started in Liverpool and in no time also to the rest of Europe. For years we have made sure that everyone, young and old, can enjoy our healthy canned fish. Millions of people in Europe are now broadening their horizons with our fish.

About World of Content

World of Content was founded with the aim of making product information more dynamic and personal and thus increasing conversion and retention. WOC provides services to both brand manufacturers and retailers. The World of Content platform makes it possible to show consumers personal product information based on gender, age or place of residence. In addition, it is possible to show new information when someone has previously purchased a product.