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Koen Looijmans
Koen Looijmans


In recent weeks, World of Content has realized an automatic link with Through this API link, World of Content helps brand manufacturers and distributors to automatically share product content within all product categories.

"Product information always up-to-date and online at lightning speed"

First content provider

World of Content is the first content provider to be linked via's new API. The sharing of product information is considerably accelerated by the new way of working. "The new method enables us to offer product information online within minutes on the site. As a result, product content is always up-to-date and online at lightning speed "," said Stijn Smits, Backend Developer at World of Content.

Data and high resolution images

The product information consists of data, such as product specifications and commercial descriptions. In addition, it is possible to share the most beautiful product photos in high quality.

Real-time insight

Brand owners and distributors have insight into the information requested per product via the World of Content platform. In addition, via the account you receive immediate confirmation that product information has actually been processed.

Real-time inzicht