Bayer and World of Content start collaboration

Stefan van Vugt
Stefan van Vugt



Bayer Netherlands has opted for a collaboration with World of Content. With this collaboration, Bayer will pay explicit attention to its online presentation and excellent information provision about its (self-care) products.

“Bayer has been one of the best-known suppliers of over-the-counter medicines and healthcare products for over 150 years. In order to provide our consumers with the best possible service and information, we work together with the best partners in the market. World of Content will help us to optimally present our products and descriptions online and in accordance with the Bayer standard ”, says Harry Miltenburg, E-commerce Lead at Bayer.

The collaboration focuses on product information in the supermarket channel. Both parties want to do this by providing consumers with extensive, personal and up-to-date product information.

World of Content is proud to help Bayer - one of the largest players in the world - to increase online success.

About Bayer Netherlands

Bayer is a world-class innovative company with a history of more than 150 years in healthcare and agriculture. Bayer develops innovative products and focuses on improving the quality of life for humans, animals and plants according to the principle 'health for all, hunger for none': it is Bayer's mission to ensure the safety, reliability, effectiveness and availability of its products to ensure and continue to improve. Bayer believes in and bases its activities and product development emphatically on scientific research and knowledge.

About World of Content

World of Content was founded with the aim of increasing online conversion and retention by making product information more dynamic and personal. WoC provides services to both brand manufacturers and retailers. The World of Content platform makes it possible to show consumers personal product information based on gender, age or place of residence. In addition, it is possible to show new information when someone has previously purchased a product. World of Content now represents more than 1000 brands on the digital product board.